New Jersey is the last state in America forcing citizens to mask up without an end in sight

New Jersey is now the only state in the continental United States that has kept a mask mandate in place with no end in sight.


TRENTON, NJ – Across America 48 of the 50 states have dropped their mandatory face mask executive orders or have plans to do so by a certain date. On the mainland, New Jersey now remains the only state in the country that is forcing its residents to mask up indefinitely, with no plan, no date and no goal to unmask its residents.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy doubled down on Monday saying, “We’re not there yet.” and telling residents they must remain masked up as the only citizens in the entire mainland U.S. that have no end in sight for their mandatory face mask mandate.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has claimed his aggressive socialist style approach to the COVID-19 pandemic is in the best interest of the people, claiming it’s based on science. That science however, at this point is his own. During the pandemic Murphy allied with fellow progressive Democrat governors in New York, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Connecticut to form an Axis of Blue, an ironclad alliance used by those governors to justify extended business lockdowns, school closures and limits on social gathering.

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Now, his allies Tom Wolf, John Carney and Andrew Cuomo have abandoned Murphy, instead admitting that the CDC science is legitimate and based on real data and real studies conducted by the nation’s top resource on communicable diseases.

But, once again, Phil Murphy knows better and he is balking at the science, instead putting union interests which want to keep New Jersey’s mask ban alive ahead of the people who want to take medical advice from doctors, not union reps and politically aligned politicians such as Murphy.

The science behind Phil Murphy’s extended mask mandate was on full display when the state’s hired epidemiologist, Dr. Christina Tan tried to explain the method behind the Murphy madness.

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“I’m guessing what is meant by, uh, fully vaccinated individuals being quote, unquote deadened is that we know that people who are fully vaccinated uh, you know, their ability to transmit asymptomatic illness is virtual not there,” Dr. Tan said. “However, on the other hand, unvaccinated individuals as we know very much, how much asymptomatic spread did play a role in this pandemic, the entire course of the last year and a half…and we also have to remember, keep in mind that, um, even though COVID-19 vaccine is really effective, It’s not 100% effective and the reality is you still might have individuals, for example, people with weakened immune systems that would have a better response from the vaccine.”

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So for now, New Jersey remains the last state in the continental United States to provide no clear end for the mask mandate. Even Gavin Newsome, in California set an expiration for June 16th to fully unmask his state. Hawaii is the only other state in the entire country that is following the wait and see Murphy model.

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