Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager is Behind Hirsh Singh for Governor, will Prez Follow?

Hirsh Singh, Republican candidate for Governor in New Jersey running against Cory Booker.

As the race between Trump-supporting candidate Hirsh Singh and “Never Trumper” Jack Ciattarelli winds down in the final weeks before the June 8th primary election, one thing eludes both candidates–an official endorsement from the big guy himself.

Parscale regularly retweets Singh’s messages and even told his followers, “Hirsh Singh is the real deal.”

Trump so far has stayed away from the campaign, but Brad Parscale, the campaign manager who propelled Trump into office in 2016 it has been learned is working on the Singh campaign. It’s unknown in what capacity Parscale has been assisting Singh, but Parscale conducted an internal poll for the Singh campaign and has vigorously defended Singh from attacks by Ciattarelli.

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It’s unlikely that Trump will endorse Ciattarelli. Ciattarelli has issued harsh words for Trump, calling him a charlatan unfit to be president. After Trump lost the 2020 election, Ciattarelli called for New Jersey Republicans to rally behind him in the post-Trump era.

Jack made a minor miscalculation. There is no post-Trump era in the Republican Party as Trump has evolved into being the head of the the party since leaving office.

Now, as Trump heads back to New Jersey after spending his winter at his Palm Beach Mar-A-Lago estate, voters in New Jersey are awaiting his decision on who to endorse. Singh would be the ideal candidate for Trump. He has been with the President since day one.

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But Trump’s in a bind because the man who wanted him out of office, Ciattarelli has the New Jersey GOP party endorsement. It could be why Trump is taking a back seat in New Jersey, but some are expecting Trump to give an 11th hour endorsement and insiders are saying he’s leaning towards the underdog Singh and possibly third candidate Phil Rizzo.

In the end, for the sake of the party, Trump might just hold his opinion in the primary before digging in for war in the general election against Phil Murphy, backing whoever New Jersey Republicans choose on June 8th.

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