73% of all Republicans want Trump to run for president in 2024 new poll says


A poll taken by pollster McLaughlin and Associates says 73% of Republicans want to see Donald Trump return to the campaign trail for the 2024 presidential election and the former President is letting everyone know what he thinks about it.

When asked who Republicans would like to see run in 2024, Trump was the clear favorite, even ahead of his close ally, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who many feel would be a great fit for Trump’s next Vice President pick.

“Highly respected pollster John McLaughlin says 73% of all Republicans want Trump to run again in 2024 and Republican primary voters would support him 82%-13%,” Trump said today. “What WaPo and other members of the Fake News Media don’t report is that Joe Biden is of no interest to anybody—21 million less people watched his Joint Address to Congress than watched mine. “

Trump also took a shot at Biden’s low ratings in the poll and in the media. With Trump out of office, liberal networks like CNN and MSNBC have nothing to report as the Biden problems have been off-limits to those networks. The network can’t even cover the major scandal brewing with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after his brother Chris, a CNN anchor tainted the waters for the network more than they already were.

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“Also, Biden’s ratings have killed the Radical Left Fake News Cable Channels. MSNBC and CNN have plummeted in the ratings. MSNBC doesn’t have a show in the top 10 of all cable news programs, and CNN doesn’t even have a show in the top 100. They should have embraced and endorsed “Trump”—their ratings would have been at new highs,” he said.

Trump said he’s giving Biden and the media time to derail itself before he puts his MAGA work boots back on.

“I have been doing very limited media so the American public could see just how big of a disaster the Biden Administration has been, and I was right. Inflation, the Border Crisis, our forgotten Military, war in the Middle East, all as a result of Biden’s mistakes. Our Country is being destroyed. Watch, it’s only going to get worse,” Trump said.

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