New Jersey GOP Candidate Jack Ciattarelli stands firm “Joe Biden Is Our President” slams Trump’s failed lawsuits


WEST TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey’s GOP backed candidate Jack Ciattarelli took time during Tuesday’s debate with his opponent Hirsh Singh and declared, “Joe Biden is our President.”

After clearing the air on what Ciattarelli called a fair and legal 2020 election, he slammed former President Donald J. Trump saying the President has yet to prove his claims of a rigged election have any validity.

“Joe Biden won the presidency,” Ciattarelli said. “Trump campaign and the Trump team filed 62 lawsuits around this country regarding voter fraud and voter irregularity, two of those cases made their way to the Supreme Court which has a majority of Trump appointments [Fact Check: This claim is false. Trump appointed just 3 members to the 9 member Supreme Court] and both of those decisions went against the Trump team. Joe Biden is our President.”

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