Councilman Rodrick emerges as the new leader of Toms River Republican Party, Savages Top Democrat


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TOMS RIVER, NJ – While Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill and his newly founded ‘third party’ Republican club were about to prop Toms River Democrat Councilman Terrance Turnbach in an attempt to sabotage the Regular Republican Club of Toms River, Dan Rodrick squashed the attempt before it got off the ground.

Hill’s off-shoot Republican club was ready to lavish praises upon Terrance Turnbach in an attempt to subvert the Rodrick-backed team ahead of the 2021 election, but Rodrick exposed the plot and savaged Turnbach. Last Tuesday Rodrick and his running mate Justin Lamb won decisive victories against the new Mo Hill backed political club.

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Rodrick alleged that Mo Hill candidate David Ciccozzi was prepared to speak out against Rodrick in order to support Turnbach, exposing a rumored plan that Ciccozzi’s job was only to clear the path for a Turnbach Democrat victory in November, hashed out by the Hill Republican club. After being called out by Rodrick, Ciccozzi didn’t get up to speak out against him as planned.

Now, Rodrick will lead a team that right now includes himself and Lamb. Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank Holman has publicly said that he will not be supporting Rodrick and Lamb as much as his candidates from the Hill backed club in the election, meaning he will be supporting the Democrats led by Turnbach.

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