Bachelor’s Arie and Lauren try old wives tales to stimulate labor for their twins


Bachelor stars Lauren and Arie Luyendyk Jr. are anxiously awaiting the birth of their twins, due any day now. They are already parents to Alessi who just turned two. As their OB will be away at a golf outing all weekend, they wanted to get Laurens labor going so the twins would be born before the weekend.

The expectant couple tried spicy foods, Pineapple juice, dates, and lots of exercise. Lauren tried a technique called “curb walking” which is when one food is on the curb, and the other is on the pavement below. Lauren even had a food massage done to stimulate her pressure points on her feet.

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So far there is no word, but it should be happening any day now!

UPDATE: Lauren and Arie gave birth to twins this weekend:

Watch their YouTube video below.