Cancel culture canceled, New Jersey school district returns holiday names to schedule

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RANDOLPH, NJ – The unwoke majority stood up to the woke minority in Randolph Township, New Jersey after the school board decided to drop the names of holidays for the 2021-22 school year in the name of political correctness.

This week, the Randolph school board reversed course after a national outcry followed their decision.

“The Randolph Board of Education is grateful to the community for its feedback regarding designating school holidays and days off. After a reconsideration, the school calendar returns to its prior form, adding ALL state and Federal holidays,” the district said. “The very essence of education is to learn, to grow and to apply lessons learned. The last few weeks have showcased a concerned community, an interested public and a responsive Board of Education that acknowledged a decision made without proper consideration. In the future, a review committee will seek community input on any proposed calendar changes.”

Jack Ciattarelli, the Republican candidate for governor delivered a message to the board.

“Since the decision by the Board of Education to erase holiday names from the school calendar, I have spoken to many concerned parents across the state,” Cittarelli said. “They share my frustration and anger.“What exactly is it you’re looking to achieve? Do you realize that this kind of policy and high-handed approach, especially when done with little to no public input, only divides us further?”

“Randolph has a reputation for academic integrity, and a strong sense of community. It is the sincere hope of the School Board that those values are once again on display and any past negativity will dissipate as we focus on our students and their educational needs,” the board said it hoped in a statement.