Four gang affiliated criminal migrants caught in Texas

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. El Paso, Texas USA-October 11, 2020: Work Continues on the Wall along the US, Mexican, border in El Paso, Texas

EDINBURG, Texas – Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV) Border Patrol agents arrest two migrants with gang affiliations and two convicted sex offenders.

Yesterday afternoon, RGV agents arrested 39 migrants at a McAllen, Texas, residence. Within the group, a 23 year old man was identified as being an active Mara Salvatrucha street gang member. The Salvadoran national has a lengthy criminal record involving multiple arrests for aggravated assaults, criminal trespass, and domestic violence. The MS-13 gang member was previously removed in 2018.

Early this morning, Fort Brown Border Patrol Station agents working in Brownsville, Texas, encountered a group of ten migrants after they illegally entered the United States. At the station, criminal records checks revealed Sergio Fuentes-Hernandez , a 38 year old Mexican national, to be a registered sex offender. Fuentes-Hernandez was arrested in 2008 by the North Charleston Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina, and charged with First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct and Assault and Battery of High and Aggravated Nature. Ultimately, Fuentes-Hernandez was convicted of Assault with Intent to Commit Criminal Sex Conduct, a third-degree felony, in 2009. Fuentes-Hernandez was sentenced to 10 years confinement and was deported to Mexico in 2013.

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Shortly after, McAllen Border Patrol Station agents arrested six migrants near Chimney Park in Mission, Texas, after illegally entering the United States. During processing, a 22 year old man was identified as a member of the MS-13 street gang with prior criminal history in the United States. The Salvadoran national has multiple removals from the United States.

Later, Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station agents working near Roma, Texas, responded to a vehicle stop where several subjects absconded into the nearby area. A search of the immediate area led to the arrest of fifteen illegally present migrants. Among them was Jaime Barajas-Barron, a previously arrested criminal migrant with a conviction for a sex offense against a child out of Harris County, Texas. Barajas-Barron was sentenced to 15 years confinement in 1991 and deported to Mexico in 2006. Barajas-Barron’s most recent removal was earlier this month. 

Border Patrol processed the subjects accordingly.