Dumped Labrador mom and her puppies rescued right beside busy highway


Three beautiful dogs, including a pregnant Lab were spotted behind a fence in an area that leads to a busy highway. A Pittie and a Rottweiler were also at this location. One day it was noticed that the Lab wasn’t pregnant anymore so a rescue sprung into action.

A group of people from the rescue made friends with the three dogs, but started looking for the lab pups. They went into a dense area that borders the highway but the puppies were buried deep inside. The mama Lab was rescued first, then the puppies. This was a very fast moving and dangerous highway and they were scared one would get hit by a car. The Rottweiler walked perilously beside the highway when he was rescued. A trap was set up and the pittie was also saved.

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The puppies stayed with their mom until they were big enough to be adopted out.

Thank goodness for this happy ending. Watch the story below.