Chicago shootings: 100 shot, 18 dead as mayor says her critics are guided by racism


CHICAGO, IL – There’s nothing to see here. Crime is not on the rise. That’s the message Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is pushing today after 100 people were shot and 7 killed in street violence since Friday. Of those shot, at least 18 were killed.

Of those shot, two were police officers and five children under the age of 13. Last year, according to ABC News, 87 were shot and 17 were killed over the Fourth of July weekend.

Now, after receiving criticism about the out-of-control crime in her city, Lightfoot says she is being targeted by racists for being an openly gay black woman. She says 99% of her criticism is because she’s a black woman.

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This week, Lightfoot clashed with a Newsmax reporter who asked her if she still believes crime is down in the city.