Phil Murphy hired firm to make sure nobody in his campaign gets raped this time around

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

TRENTON, NJ – Katie Brennan settled her alleged rape lawsuit against Governor Phil Murphy over allegations that one of the governor’s top advisors raped her. She settled that case for $1,000,000, sending $600,000 to the Hudson County based Waterfront Project that will use the money to help victims of sexual assault.

That was last May. Now, Phil Murphy said in his 2021 campaign has put in place measures to make sure nobody gets raped this time around.  Leading the sexual harassment squad for Murphy will be his wife Tammy who is co-chairwoman of his 2021 re-election campaign.

She will be in charge of the relationship with North Jersey Human Resources firm Culturupt.

“And in terms of sexual harassment, workplace conditions, et cetera, I’m proud of the fact that Tammy led those. Tammy is the chair of our reelection, by the way, and the finance chair of our reelection. For those of you not watching on television, that’s not true. She does not have a tin cup out over there,” Murphy said.  “First decision she made, I think, before we hired our campaign manager was to hire a firm that does nothing, but this, and they onboard everybody. They do training programs regularly as we ramp the team up and we are ramping it up pretty substantially. And it’s a firm that is quite renowned in this space. And I’m very, very happy and glad that you made that decision and we’ve got them onboard.”

According to the campaign, Culturupt has implemented a human resources plan for the campaign that includes codes of conduct, mandatory sexual harassment training and implicit bias training for all campaign workers.

Although Murphy touted a $15 minimum wage in 2017, many of his campaign staffers earned less than $12 per hour.

Murphy eventually apologized for “those we failed” in 2017 without mentioning the names of victims during his 2017 campaign.

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