Phil Murphy says “All options are on the table” to combat the unvaccinated, new variants


TRENTON, NJ – When it comes to dealing with COVID-19 variants and residents who choose not to vaccinate, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said this week in an interview, “All options are on the table…we’ll keep all options open.”

It’s a statement Murphy has used many times over the past 15 months during the COVID-19 to justify his extended lockdown against New Jersey businesses and residents.

New Jersey was the first state to force its residents to shut down their businesses and require face masks and social distancing in public and was the last state to release those restrictions.

Now, Murphy says the high number of unvaccinated residents are posing a threat to all New Jersey residents.

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“Unless we continue to take the public health seriously, who knows,” Murphy said. “Right now I feel really, really good, except there are too many folks who are unvaccinated and they are exposed to these variants and COVID-19.”

Last week, Murphy’s COVID Corps went door to door across New Jersey to urge residents to get their vaccination.