CNN ignoring Cuba’s anti-communist revolt is dangerous to America’s own Democracy

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There’s no doubt that CNN is ignoring the sparks of an anti-communist revolution in Cuba. If this was 30 years ago, CNN would be the main source of information with 24-7 coverage. Now that CNN has become the political propaganda arm of America’s own socialist Democrat party, the network is avoiding the topic of citizens rising up against socialism and communism in our own backyard.

CNN has published a total of two stories on the topic, none of which made the front page of Now, the right is taking aim at the network’s dangerous decision of picking and choosing news based on political ramifications here at home.

CNN correspondent Patrick Oppmann, who lived in Cuba for 9 years sounded the alarm for the network, but that alarm has gone unnoticed by producers.

“I have lived in Cuba for nine years and the scenes we saw today were stunning. The protests spread more quickly than anyone could have imagined. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring but the level of discontent and anger isn’t going anywhere,” Oppmann said.

Instead of focusing on a possible anti-communist revolution in Cuba, CNN continues to be fixated on former President Donald J. Trump.

“A historic day of unprecedented protests going on against socialism in #Cuba So far @CNN in the U.S. says nothing to see here but gives coverage to the worlds “deepest pool” in Dubai,” Florida Senator Marco Rubio said. Rubio’s state bears much of the brunt of immigration from Cubans fleeing the communist regime as it sits just 90 miles from the tip of Florida.

Now, the Cuban government has issued a crackdown against protesters and police in riot gear began breaking up the mostly peaceful protests.

Twitter, who has also been accused of being a propaganda and censorship arm of the Democrat party has labeled the anti-communist revolution as residents protesting the availability of COVID-19 vaccines.

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“Protests take place across Cuba as the country faces shortages of COVID-19 vaccines and basic necessities,” Twitter said about the protests.

Cuban politician Bruno Rodriguez criticized the Biden administration’s foreign policy that upheld the status quo against the island nation.

“The White House National Security Advisor has no political or moral authority to speak about Cuba. His government has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to promote subversion in our country & implements a genocidal blockade, which is the main cause of economic scarcities,” Rodriguez, a member of the communist party in Cuba said.

Another Cuban Communist leader said the Biden Administration and U.S. foreign policy has instigated the riots.

“US State Department and its officials, involved to their necks in promoting social and political instability in #Cuba, should avoid expressing hypocritical concern for a situation they have been betting on. Cuba is and will continue to be a peaceful country, contrary to the US,” politburo leader Carlos De Cossio said.

If CNN will turn a blind eye to the violence being committed against protesters by the communist police force and military, can you expect them to act any differently if the same thing ever happened in America?

If you’re looking for uncensored you need to look at alternative news sources such as the UK’s BBC.