This trick will allow you to make $8 million per hour in Grand Theft Auto Online

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In December, Grand Theft Auto Online introduced a new heist, Cayo Perico. The “Island of Paradise”, located off the coast of Columbia. It’s also home to El Rubio, Juan Strickler, one of the biggest players in the cartel.

If you cross El Rubio, he’ll feed you to his black panther. Luckily, El Rubio has hired a team of near-blind, mostly deaf bodyguards to patrol his compound and has a bad habit of leaving his treasures in easy-to-find places that can help you earn $8 million per hour using an age-old GTA Online trick.

Here’s what you need:

First, you’ll need to do all of the prep work for a Cayo Perico heist. We suggest if you have the panther statue, stick with that, otherwise keep prepping until you get the pink diamond to maximize your payout. It’s also suggested that you have at least 3 gold bar secondary targets, once again, to maximize payouts. If you have those, then forget about cash and paintings.

If you do it right, you can finish the heist in 15 minutes and if you hit the elite challenge, you’ll get an extra $50,000.

When you set up your heist, make sure to bring your friend. Give them 85% of the take and you keep 15%. Also, make sure this friend has a Cayo Perico heist all set up in advance with the pink diamond and gold bars.

Now, I know, I know…you worked hard to prep, why should you only get 15% and he gets 85%. We’ll get to that. Complete the heist. Use headshots, don’t get caught, and don’t die. If you do, just start over again if you want a maximum payout.

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Warning the next step could cause an unintended bug in the game and is not advised as it could result in a ban and is a violation of the game’s terms of service, we do not advise this action.

After your heist is complete, you can close the game and relaunch it to fast travel back to your house. If you do this at the wrong time, you can screw up the game mechanics, so use caution. Complete the heist as normal and during the cutscene, if by chance, you close the game anytime after you received the envelope and before the second “Finished” screen, your friend will get the $1.75 million payout and your heist will be prepped and ready to go when you log back in. You will get no money, so, be careful. We’re not saying to cheat, but, your character will end up in the Vinewood Hills, closing the app will allow you to return to your submarine or home. Who hasn’t ever quit/relaunched to avoid long travel distances? All is not a total loss, you lost your 15% cut, but your Cayo Perico heist is prepped and ready to launch again.

Now, it’s your turn. Have your friend run the heist giving you 85% and keeping 15% for himself. Rinse and repeat. Together, you’ll theoretically earn nearly $8,000,000 per hour if you time it right, don’t fail, and run a smooth operation.

As for El Rubio…all he’s going to do is burn helicopter fuel looking for you as you rob him blind all over again…then you can hit his beach party, look him in the eyes, and smile at him.