Republicans are banning books says AOC citing alternative facts

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According to Democrat socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, it has been the Republican party banning books in America and not the Democrat party. After a year that saw democrats attack Dr. Seuss classics for being racist, the junior congresswoman from New York is now blaming Republicans as the party that bans books.

“The GOP would do well to stop banning books & start reading them,” Cortez said on Twitter.

2020 also saw the banning of the classic novels “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Of Mice and Men” for their racist undertones after being public school staple reading for decades.

Now, like her fellow Democrats claiming Republicans are the ones responsible for defunding the police, AOC is claiming Republicans are also the party that has been banning books.

“Ironically, the ineptitude that some Republicans demonstrate re: MLK proves that the multiracial history of the United States *isn’t* taught adequately enough in schools and that we *should* teach it more deeply. The GOP would do well to stop banning books & start reading them,” the socialist Democrat said.

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