Phil Murphy announces COVID-19 passport app, swears that’s not what it is


TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey now has an app for residents to show proof of vaccination, but Governor Phil Murphy says it’s not a COVID-19 passport.

The app, which shows credentials needed by New Jerseyans to access some currently prohibited activities for unvaccinated residents. The app can be used for residents to obtain copies of their COVID-19 vaccination card in the event that they lose it.

“The Department of Health is providing you access to your COVID vaccination records through the secure and free smartphone app Docket. The Docket app is available through both the Apple and Google Play app stores,” Murphy said.

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Although the app works as a passport for the vaccinated residents to show proof of vaccination, Murphy says it’s not a COVID-19 passport.

“To be absolutely clear, this is not a passport,” Murphy said. “Docket is intended to solely give residents easy access to their COVID vaccination record, especially if their vaccination card has been damaged or lost, and while the information available through Docket is currently limited to your COVID vaccination record, it will be broadened to provide you with your entire record from the New Jersey Immunization Information System, and Judy will speak to this in greater detail in a couple minutes.”

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Murphy did not explain how inner-city residents and rural residents without access to the internet and photocopiers, who do not have valid forms of other ID would be able to access the app or their COVID-19 credentials.

The database that powers the app also raises questions about Murphy’s past claims of not archiving or storing COVID-19 vaccination status of residents long-term.