Rescuers struggle to save kittens and their mom from storm drain

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A call was received about kittens trapped in a storm drain. When the rescue team arrived, they put up barriers and were able to secure the kittens. They also secured a few adult cats, one of which was presumed to be the mother of the kittens.

After they arrived at the animal hospital, it was determined that the mother kitten was not there. The kittens were hungry, so they were put with a cat who just lost her kittens. Unfortunately, the cat did not have enough milk to feed them. The next day they returned to the area and trapped more cats, but they weren’t lactating and they were not the kitten’s mother.

The next day, they returned and spoke with a security guard who told them where to find the mama cat. At that point, they were able to successfully trap her, and return her to her kittens.

Watch this adorable story below.