Unmasked Texas Democrats Board Plane full of Beer to D.C.


Texas Democrats are pissed off. They’re so mad over Republican Greg Abbott and the Republican legislature’s new voting rights bill that they unmasked and boarded a plane to Washington D.C. full of beer to protest. Current federal mask mandates require that travelers on trains, buses, commercial flights, and at airports wear face masks.

Although their flight was chartered, the hypocrisy of the left was on full display as Democrats once again displayed “Do as we say, not as we do” attitudes toward the American general public.

Americans who fly need to wear face masks. They can’t bring liquid containers on flights, let alone full cases of beer. On the way to the airport, the Democrat legislators also dropped their masks for the bus ride.

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The display was one more example that the Democrat party’s core COVID-19 platform and values are not rules based on science, but rules based on politics for the most part.

Other Republicans criticized the contingent for bringing cases of beer with them for the ride.

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