Foster dad accused of sexual battery against children released by judge

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VOLUSIA COUNTY, FL – A man who has been accused of sexually abusing foster children under his care has been set free by a judge and Sheriff Mike Chitwood isn’t happy about it.

Accused of sexually abusing multiple children in his care, this foster “father” has been granted bond by a judge and released.

Lawrence Williams walked out of jail yesterday evening after Volusia County Judge Wesley Heidt granted him $85,000 bond at his first appearance on charges of sexual battery on a child under 12 and lewd or lascivious molestation.

Holly Hill police arrested him Tuesday on a no-bond warrant after an investigation that revealed he sexually abused multiple girls in a “punishment” shed at his home.

“His house has since been put up for sale. I know the State Attorney’s Office is working diligently on getting a hearing to correct this injustice,” Sheriff Chitwood said. “But why do our judges allow this to happen in the first place? It seems like every couple of years, we have to raise hell to get a judge to pull their head out of their ass and apply common sense to a case that presents a threat to our community, and especially our children. Not too long ago it was the case of Mark Fugler, and we had to go all the way to Tallahassee to right that wrong.”

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Chitwood said he is shocked that a judge would set him free.

“I have been in contact with Holly Hill police and with the victim’s therapist, who is practically at her wit’s end and in disbelief that the scumbag who has been accused by at least 4 little girls is allowed to walk free,” he said. “I suppose we’ll find out if Lawrence Williams sticks around for trial, or if he abuses another child while he’s free. I wonder how Judge Heidt will feel if our fears come true.”