Chris Christie gave Trump COVID-19 new book claims former President suspected


Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie infected the former President of the United States with COVID-19. That’s what a new book written by journalist Michael Wolff claims. In the book, Wolff claims Trump complained about “spittle” coming from the overweight former governor’s mouth and even said he “tried to duck from the droplets”.

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Trump was ‘convinced’ he contracted the disease from Christie who met with Trump prior to the President’s diagnosis to help him prep for an upcoming debate with Joe Biden.

Trump met with Christie in advance of his September 29th debate and on October 2nd, told the American public he had contracted COVID-19.

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Christie also tested positive for the virus and spent a week in ICU battling the disease. Christie’s weight may have played a role in the severity of his illness while the President exhibited minor cold and flu symptoms only.

The two allegedly roleplayed in a mock debate, Christie playing the part of Joe Biden. Later, Christie blamed White House health and safety protocols and blamed the President for not creating a “safe zone” ahead of the meeting.