Murphy says 99% of all COVID deaths since January among the unvaccinated


TRENTON, NJ – There is a belief that people who are fully vaccinated from the COVID-19 virus are dying in numbers larger than those who are not vaccinated. Today, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said that is not true in his state.

Murphy said that of all the individuals hospitalized or who died due to COVID-19 since mid-January, more than 99% were unvaccinated.

Murphy said of that 1%, many were already at a risk of co-morbidity, including one case where the woman was a transplant patient.

“When you add all of this up, you have to conclude that vaccines work,” Murphy said. “The vaccines turn COVID into a preventable disease. Because of the vaccines, this is now a pandemic among the unvaccinated.”

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As of Monday, the rate of transmission in New Jersey was 1.44 and there were 594 new PCR positive tests and 162 newly reported positive antigen tests. PCR tests are prone to false positives.

Murphy said the increase in COVID-19 among the unvaccinated is a “pandemic among the unvaccinated”.