Former New Jersey governor candidate to be featured in controversial documentary at Jersey City film festival


One of the films to be shown at this weekend’s Brightside Tavern Film Festival in Jersey City prominently features former New Jersey Republican candidate for governor, actor Joseph Rullo.

Rullo stars in the documentary Vitriol, which spotlights a topic he is familiar with in real life cruel and abusive behavior in politics. In the documentary, Rullo represents the conservative side of America’s divided political landscape.

“This Sunday at 4 pm Vitriol a documentary about the cruel and abusive behavior in the political spectrum is premiering and I’m representing the conservatives as a 2020 Trump supporter,” Rullo said. “It exposes the abusive and cruel behavior from people against me on my social media page that most conservatives can relate to including the destruction of property and violence.”

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Rullo said he hopes the film shines a light on the sharply divided political world.

“I Would love to see fellow conservatives there and people who are sick of the vitriol in politics for having beliefs and opinions in this free country,” Rullo added.

Vitriol is a short documentary exploring vehement social media interactions from both sides of the political spectrum, directed by Mark Clauburg, starring Rullo, Alexandru Aldea, and Nina Kharourfeh.