Desperate Labrador Saved from Drowning in a deep well

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Rescuers spotted a dog trapped deep in a well . There was virtually no way to get her out. At some point prior, she must have fallen in.

The rescue crew hoisted a man down the deep well with a net. They hoped the Lab had enough energy to swim to him. She was frantic to get out and so exhausted from swimming, but she managed to swim over to him.

He slowly secured her in the net, and the net was slowly brought up by the rescuers. They didn’t want to further injure her so they brought her up little by little. Once she was safely out of the well, the rescuers raced her to the Animal Hospital where they were waiting to treat her.

Her legs were badly injured and her paws were all cut up from trying to hold on to the side of the well for so long. The rescuers had gotten to her just in time.

Watch this incredible rescue below.