Jack Ciattarelli just blamed Trump for employer vaccine mandates

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New Jersey Republican candidate for Governor Jack Ciattarelli today blamed former U.S. President Donald J. Trump for businesses requiring their employees to vaccinate or possibly lose their jobs.

Ciattarelli, when asked about employer vaccination mandates as conditions of employment, Ciattarelli said you can blame former U.S. President Donald J. Trump for that.

“I know a great many people don’t like these, uh employer decisions, at the same time, the Trump employment courts did decide, did rule that employers have the right to make this a condition of employment,” Ciattarelli said. “It’s another way of encouraging them in a very, very strenuous manner to get vaccinated, but employers do reserve that right.”

Ciattarelli, a Republican has been an outspoken opponent against the former President, once calling him a charlatan who was unfit to be President and a ‘national embarassment’.

Trump has not endorsed Ciattarelli for governor in New Jersey and is not likely to endorse the candidate who until announcing his candidacy last year was extremely critical of the former President.