Cori Bush justifies her $70,000 security detail while calling to defund the police

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Cori Bush told reporters this week that she has an important role to play in Washington and said white supremacists are making death threats against her. Now she’s saying defund the police has to happen, but she also needs her own private security detail to make it happen.

She said her security is to protect her against racist attempts against her life, even saying police officers have threatened her life.

Democrat Congresswoman Cori Bush isn’t backing down from her $70,000 security detail after facing scrutiny for her stance to defund police across America. Bush, who announced she was recently homeless and sued by her landlord for rent non-payment is among those in Congress leading the charge to defund the police.

“I’m going to make sure I have security because I know I have had attempts on my life and I have too much work to do,” a defiant bush said. “There are too many people that need help right now for me to allow that, so if I end up spending $200,000…if I spend 10 more dollars on it, you know what, I get to be here to do the work, so suck it up, and defunding the police has to happen. We need to defund the police and put that money into the social safety net.”