Inmate released by Phil Murphy during COVID-19 prison purge charged for murder two days later


Jerry Crawford, 25 was released under a program touted by Governor Phil Murphy that allowed violent criminals early release from prison to protect the prison system from COVID-19 outbreaks. On November 4th, 2020 he was set free under the Governor’s program.

Two days later, Crawford took his “public health emergency credit” release and along with his accomplice, Yusuf Waites shot and killed Davion Scarborough. Crawford was serving out his sentence for burglary when he was granted early release by the Murphy administration.

At approximately 9:51 pm on Friday, November 6th, Bridgeton Police Department officers were dispatched to the area of Burlington Road and Pamphylia Avenue for reports of gunshots. Upon arrival, officers located the body of eighteen-year-old Davion Scarborough.

Scarborough was pronounced dead at the scene from apparent gunshot wounds. Now, detectives say Crawford and Waites committed that murder. Waites, allegedly was the driver and Crawford a passenger.

Police didn’t have to search far for Crawford. He was back in jail on a gun charge in another crime he committed in December.

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