Seaside Heights Karen upset over outrageous $6 slice, wants to speak to the manager


SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ – Nobody likes paying $6 for a slice of pizza in Seaside Heights. Heck, if you live here, you just don’t do it.

Everybody knows you can get a better slice on the other side of the bridge and get the whole pie for between $12 and $15. BTW, who remembers Pudgy’s 50 cent slices or huge Sawmill pizza and a drink for $1.25?

Ok, back to the present, when this woman found out Three Brothers from Italy raised their price per slice she flipped out. First of all, if she was so concerned about value, why was she buying a slice on the boardwalk? Everyone knows not to do that. That’s Benny pizza. It’s there solely to feed the Benny’s who think they’re eating the best freaking pizza in the entire world, because it was made on the boardwalk.

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Note to Bennies, the pizza is better on this side of the bridge…and cheaper.

We’re not sure what transpired here, but the woman was arguing with the teenage worker, who quite frankly doesn’t need to put up with her bullsh-t because a neverending unemployment check is always right around the corner here in New Jersey.

Then it happened.

“I need to speak to a manager,” she said.

Now, we all know on the boardwalk, there’s usually no such thing as a manager, but she insisted. Being told to call the

She ended up getting her $12 back for two slices and left, which she probably should have done instead of ordering a $6 slice of pizza.


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