Husband shot wife’s boyfriend secretly living in their home for a year thinking he was an intruder


MOBILE, AL – An extremely bizarre love triangle was exposed after a woman’s husband shot her boyfriend inside his own home thinking he was an intruder. It turns out, the man was his wife’s boyfriend who had also been living in the home for the past year, and the husband never knew.

Police in Mobile said Frank Reeves shot Michael Amacker after Reeve’s wife Tracy alerted him of an intruder. Reeves took his gun and shot the intruder, which turned out to be his wife’s boyfriend.

According to the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, Tracey Reeves was allowing Amacker to live in the home for more than a year and never told her husband.

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After spending a couple days in the hospital recovering, the sheriff’s office arrested Amacker and Tracy Reeves. Amacker it turns, out was also armed. A shootout ensued. Amacker was shot twice, once in the leg and elbow, Reeves was shot once in the chest.

Amacker has now been charged with attempted murder and various drug charges. Tracy Reeves was arrested on a drug possession charge.