Joe Biden denies CBS poll showing Americans think he’s incompetent, Dan Bongino responded


CBS News has released a poll showing the majority of Americans have lost confidence in President Joe Biden’s ability to competently lead the United States.

“Public reaction to what’s happened there is decidedly negative, with Americans now fearing wider repercussions from a heightened threat of terrorism. Back home, the public weighs in with rough judgments on President Biden,” CBS reported. “Not only for his handling of it, but with his overall presidential approval rating dropping substantially, and broader views of his qualities like effectiveness and competence taking hits along with it.”

According to that poll less that 50% of Americans feel Biden’s actions as president have been competent, focused or effective.

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“Along with the drop in approval, there’s been a more specific impact on qualities the public sees in Mr. Biden. He’d been positive on qualities like competence, focus, and effectiveness — now those are each at least slightly net negative,” CBS reported.

When asked what he thought of the poll, the President said, “I haven’t seen that poll.”

One person who did see that poll was conservative media host Dan Bongino.

“I can’t with a straight face believe…I think he’s grossly miscalculating the resolve of the American people,” Bongino said. “I know for Biden and Obama that’s their thing, leave every man behind, but that’s not our thing.”

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