Dave Portnoy just said this pizza is the best boardwalk pizza at the Jersey Shore


WILDWOOD, NJ – Barstool Sports and Dave Portnoy finally reached the tip of the Garden State this week, visiting one of the most renowned pizza spots at the Jersey Shore, Sam’s on the boardwalk n Wildwood.

When you think of Wildwood pizza, you think first of Sam’s, operating since 1957.

First, Portnoy didn’t read the audience. Like a politician visiting Cleveland and shouting, “Hello Columbus!” Portnoy critically misidentified Wildwood as “Yankees country”. Wildwood is 100%, unequivocally not Yankees country, but Phillies country.

Dave soon found out Sam’s isn’t your typical boardwalk pizza. In the end, Dave rated Sam’s as the best boardwalk pizza at the Jersey Shore by giving it the highest score so far for boardwalk spots. His score? Well, find out in the video.