Tiny Chihuahua dumped in a ditch rescued in the nick of time


A tiny Chihuahua was rescued after being dumped in a ditch. He was super skinny. When he was finally rescued, he started having seizures and convulsions. He couldn’t stop shaking. His body went into shock. A rescue worker said it was the worst trembling she had ever seen in her 13 years of working there. The rescue worker wanted to cry.

After some medication, his shaking calmed down a bit and the skinny Chihuahua was able to eat a bit. He was only about 2 lbs at the time. After a few days at the Animal Hospital, he was released and eventually put up for adoption.

He was adopted by a woman who immediately fell in love with him. The little Chihuahua did everything with her and they can not be separated from each other. He makes cute little high-pitched squeals when he sees his mom.

Watch this amazing recovery below.