Biden heckled, greeted with middle fingers during visit to New Jersey

File photo. Driver flashing the "Jersey Bird"

President Joe Biden was met in one of the bluest in America, New Jersey with hostility. The President visited New Jersey neighborhoods ravaged by flooding in the wake of Tropical Storm Ida, but instead of being met with praise, he was met with Trump flags, heckling, and middle fingers.

Showing somebody the middle finger is often referred to as “flipping the bird”. Although the official state bird of New Jersey is the goldfinch, the argument can be made that the official Jersey bird is indeed the middle finger.

In Manville, a town plagued by flooding for years, Biden was heckled by residents as he toured their storm-damaged neighborhood after pushing global warming for the cause of the flooring earlier in the afternoon.

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Residents shouted at Biden over his botched handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan with one resident shouting about leaving troops behind. Along the way, Biden was greeted with “F-ck Biden” flags and middle fingers.

There was no escape from Trump supporters and people angry over Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. In 2020, Biden defeated Trump 57% to 41%.

One banner read “F— Biden And F— You For Voting For Him”.

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