Dumped dog and her beautiful pups get rescued and you won’t believe what happens next


A beautiful Pittie has just given birth in someone’s yard. She had five puppies. The pittie was easily caught and was very sweet and not aggressive at all. After they secured the dog, the rescue went to find the puppies. One by one the puppies were removed from a small area. Unfortunately one of the puppies died shortly before they were rescued.

The other four puppies were all breathing. They were all transported to the Animal Hospital for treatment. The puppies were full of fleas, as the mom was. They were all bathed and fed.

Unfortunately, the mama dog wasn’t feeling well. She lifted her paw up to the rescuer asking for help. An ultrasound showed a bottle cap stuck in her stomach.

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The animal doctor didn’t want to compromise the mama dog by performing surgery to get the bottle cap out because she needed to be able to nurse her puppies. The hospital made a decision to give her medicine to induce vomiting.

Thankfully, after she vomited, the bottle cap was found! These puppies and their mom are now nice and healthy and are all up for adoption.

Watch this sweet video below.

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