Daschund mama devastated after someone kills her puppies finally gets happy ending


The Rescue received a call about a Daschund Mix who had just had puppies. Apparently, the puppies were killed by a deaf-mute who lived nearby. The man didn’t want to see the puppies so he killed them. Neighbors were worried about the man killing the nursing mama dog so they called the rescue.

When they arrived the dog looked sad and depressed. She let the rescuer pick her up and take her to safety. At the Animal Hospital, she was bathed and vaccinated, and dewormed. The poor dog still had milk so the incident had to recently take place.

After cleaning her up the rescue put her with little puppies to make her less sad. The poor dog lost all of her puppies so she was very depressed.

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She was named Laska. The rescue put her information up on Social Media, and soon she was adopted by a sweet woman who immediately fell in love with her. After all that she had been through, she now was able to live out her life happy and comforted.

Watch this tragic story below.