President Biden’s creepy, awkward unmasked moment with young children wearing Trump merch goes viral


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a picture of President Joe Biden going viral today leaves about a thousand unanswered questions.

The photo in question shows Biden with a group of young kids wearing Trump merch, including MAGA hats, 45, USA/Trump shirts, and hats. The president seemed oblivious to it, but the kids were obviously getting a kick out of it.

The most important question nobody is asking today is does anything Biden say about COVID-19, masking and vaccinations make any scientific sense? That’s because just days after telling America unvaccinated children are America’s biggest threat the county is facing when it comes to health and wellness, he’s seen in the photo with no mask around children who are under 12, also unmasked.

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The photo was taken in Pennsylvania while he was visiting during a 9-11 ceremony.

If there was a picture that would lead Americans to believe that everything the President said Friday about masking and vaccinations and children wearing masks in schools was nothing but political hyperbole on his part, this photo is it. If he truly believed it was Trump Republicans not getting vaccinated, why would he meet with a bunch of maskless kids, masked himself if that is what he truly believes?

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The alternative is that it’s not what he truly believes and most of what President Joe Biden says is scripted by other people and he’s just the guy who delivers their message.

Another possibility is that maybe Joe really has lost his mind and was so oblivious to all of the optics in this photo.

The other thing nobody is talking about is the hidden creepiness in this photo. Yes, the arm around the young girl’s waist. It seems Joe just can’t resist.

Biden later spoke about his encounter with the Trump kids

“I think the real issue for those kids that — just had a picture taken with — couple of them had Trump hats from last year — I think, for them, it’s going to be: Are we going to, in the next 4, 5, 6, 10 years, demonstrate that democracies can work, or not?” Biden said.

Original Tweet:

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