Did White House hit kill switch again as Joe Biden began to go off-script at wildfire meeting?


It happened again. The White House cut the live public streaming feed as Joe Biden was ready to go off-script in a meeting with governors regarding America’s western wildfires. Back in March we reported when the White House cut the President’s feed just as he was about to take questions in an unscripted and unplanned Q&A session.

This time, Biden, stumbling his words was about to ask the governor’s a question when the White House cut his feed, prompting many to ask afterward, “Who holds the Joe Biden kills switch?”

The bizarre interruption prompted Idaho Senator Jim Risch to ask Secretary of State Antony Blinken who in the white house controls Biden’s on/off switch.

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“Somebody in the White House has the authority to press the button and stop the President’s speaking ability,” Risch asked. “Who is that person?”

Blinken denied the claim saying the President speaks for himself and there’s nobody in the administration who has the authority to cut his live feeds, although it has happened several times since he took office in January.

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