German Shepard puppy stares and stares at gate for days hoping owner takes him back

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The owner of a German Shepard puppy abandoned him. He let him out of the gate to his house and let him go. The dog’s name is Leo. Leo sat patiently for days hoping his owner would let him back in.

The neighborhood felt bad for Leo so they decided to feed him and give him water.

Day after day the dog refused to leave his owner’s gate. He stared and stared at it hoping the owner would let him back in.

The dog also had a man’s belt tightly around his neck instead of a dog collar. When the rescue came, they found out the owner wanted a guard dog, not a nice dog. Eventually, the rescue was able to take the belt off and put on a proper collar, and get him in the car.

At the Animal Hospital, Leo was cleaned up and vaccinated.

He now has a wonderful life at the foster who is taking care of him. They take long walks on the beach, and Leo now has the chance of being a puppy again.

Watch this sweet and sad story below.