Bust One Get One Free in Polk County

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POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA – Choose your friends carefully, because they might just get you into trouble.

Early this morning, just after 3:00 AM, Polk deputies went to Turtle Dove Trail looking for Matheau, who had a warrant for Violation of Probation (Domestic Violence). Upon their arrival, the deps learned that Matheau was in a shed behind the house.

They knocked on the shed, but Matheau yelled back that he wasn’t coming out. Deputies informed Matheau that they brought one of their pups, K9 Duncan.

Matheau stepped outside and surrendered. The urge to pet Duncan was just too strong to resist.

While deputies were at this location, they also made contact with Matheau’s buddy, a man named Phillip. Phillip also had a warrant; his was for Violation of Probation (DUI). A twofer. Matheau and Phillip were both arrested and taken to the Polk Pokey.