How the Democrat Defund the Police movement may have sunk the bi-partisan police reform bill

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There are few in America who will disagree that there is an opportunity to reform policing in America, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen at the federal level any time soon. The reason is because of the Democrat-led “Defund the Police” movement according to South Carolina Senator Tim Scott.

“We said simply this: ‘I’m not going to participate in reducing funding for the police after we saw a major city after major city defund the police.’ Many provisions in this bill that he wanted me to agree to limited or reduced funding for the police,” Scott said in an interview with CBS News.

Scott said the disagreement between Republicans and Democrats revolve around the police reform bill’s numerous attempts to reduce police funding.

Anti-policing U.S. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, whose home city is one of the most crime-ridden in all of the state worked closely with Scott on the bi-partisan bill, but now it appears to be the latest thing to go wrong for Biden and the Democrats.

Scott now appears to be at odds with Booker and even accuses Booker of either lying or not reading the bill saying, “All you have to do is be able to read to see that it calls for defunding… there are no facts to debate…it’s right there.”

“The effort from the very beginning was to get police reform that would raise professional standards, police reform that would create a lot more transparency, and then police reform that would create more accountability,” Booker said after meeting with Scott last week. “We were not able to come to agreements on those three big areas.”

Those big areas, Scott says are the ones that call on reducing funding to the police.