Phil Murphy reports 10% spike in COVID-19 deaths among the fully vaccinated this week

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TRENTON, NJ – Since last Monday New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said state health officials have reported 3,745 more cases of COVID-19 among fully vaccinated individuals. Over the past 7 days, 801 more fully vaccinated patients have been hospitalized and 15 more have died.

Those 15 deaths represent 27.3% of the overall total COVID-19 deaths reported since last Monday, a 10% increase in fatalities among the fully vaccinated. Last week, deaths among the vaccinated accounted for 17.9% of all deaths. This week, the governor’s data reported deaths among the vaccinated rose to 27.3% of total deaths.

Breakthrough infections made up 34.8% of total COVID-19 cases in New Jersey in the same period, but the Governor told residents that only 5.6% of the total reported COVID-19 cases reported since January, Murphy said. What he didn’t say is the large growing amount of infections among the fully vaccinated.

“Yes, we have seen an increase in positive tests among the fully vaccinated as the delta variant has marched across the state, but they remain a distinct minority of cases and there is nothing in the data to suggest a failing among vaccines.”

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Breakthrough hospitalizations this week were also up, from 6.2% to 9.3% over last week’s report. Overall breakthrough infection rates are up nearly 6% since last week from 29.3% to 34.8%.

Here is our report on the subject from last week:

TRENTON, NJ – Last Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy reported 18,390 COVID-19 ‘breakthrough’ cases of fully vaccinated individuals testing positive for the SARs COV-2 virus. Today, Murphy reported 22,246 total breakthrough cases. Read last week’s report: 18,000 fully vaccinated New Jerseyans have tested positive for COVID-19, 97 dead governor saysMurphy’s figures represent a one-week increase of 18%. As of last Monday, 386 fully vaccinated people were in the hospital with COVID-19. Today, Murphy reported a 16% increase in hospitalizations among the fully vaccinated with 457. 6% of total hospitalizations at the moment are fully vaccinated patients, according to Murphy’s figures.

1,137 people are now hospitalized statewide due to COVID-19 and according to the figures released by Murphy today, 34% are fully vaccinated.
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Murphy announced last week that 97 fully vaccinated residents had died so far of COVID-19. Today, he announced that the number has grown to 111, a 13% increase in fatalities among the fully vaccinated.

Earlier, Murphy said the COVID-19 pandemic has become a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but numbers released by his office today suggest otherwise. The fully vaccinated are now contracting COVID-19, requiring hospitalizations and dying as those numbers have seen a significant increase in the past 7 days. Murphy touted the vaccine efficacy globally since its inception in December at 99.992%, but did not mention the sharp increase in cases among the fully vaccinated over the past 7 days.

There have been 22,246 total cases among the fully vaccinated in New Jersey, with 3,856 new cases in the past 7 days. The original strain of COVID-19 has all but been eliminated in New Jersey as the new Delta variant accounts for 99.3% of all new cases over the past 28 days.

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The figures released by Murphy were as of September 7th, nearly two weeks ago.