Pizza Twist: International Expansion Ramps Up and New California Unit Added

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Sacramento CA  –  One-of-a-kind pizza chain, Pizza Twist, has just sold a new US territory while simultaneously ramping up international presence.

The newest location can be found in Sacramento, California and is owned by franchisees Amandeep Singh and Hardeep Singh. The company currently has over 95 locations, some of which are international.

In Canada, the first Pizza Twist can be found in Brampton within the Greater Toronto Area. According to Harpreet Dahyia, Founder and Owner of Pizza Twist, three more Canadian locations are expected to open by the end of the year.

Indonesia’s very first Pizza Twist location is now operational in Bali. To further international reach, the Pizza Twist team will be attending the International Franchise Show in London this weekend. The show will feature over 250 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors from around the world. “Our goal over the next few years is for Pizza Twist to become a global brand,” asserted Dahyia. “We’re looking forward to the show in London this weekend and believe this can be a huge opportunity for another boost in franchise sales for us.”

Pizza Twist is known for its unique menu, greatly inspired by Indian flavor combinations and spices. “Our quick franchise expansion is a testament to how well our model works, our international market applicability, and our enticing support model. There is nothing exactly like Pizza Twist out there and we plan to saturate the market with our new twist on pizza,” stated Dahyia.

The model is seemingly pandemic-proof due to its flexible dining options, including in-store, pick-up, or delivery. The Pizza Twist team is still seeking more franchise partners to join their network. More information can be found on the Pizza Twist franchise website and at