Stock traders now follow Nancy Pelosi’s stock trades as her net worth climbs to $114 million

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San Francisco, CA - August 23, 2019: Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, speaking at the Democratic National Convention Summer Meeting in San Francisco, California

If you’re looking for some inside information on which stocks are about to shoot up in value, why not follow a career politician and her husband who have made millions in the stock market? While many feel the stock trades of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi are encroaching into the realm of unethical or even possibly insider trading, you can’t deny that the couple has an uncanny level of success in the stock market.

While many people follow successful traders like Warren Buffet, there’s a growing trend of investors following people such as Pelosi who wield great powers that could make or break businesses and even entire industries.

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Now, the CEO of a stock trading app says he keeps close tabs on Pelosi’s stock moves, according to an article in Yahoo! Finance today.

 “We’ve been tracking their performance and every single stock she has bought in the last two years has gone up significantly,” Christopher Josephs, cofounder of Iris, told Yahoo Finance Live. The app allows its users to track the movers and shakers in the stock market world, even the potentially corrupt politicians.

Pelosi has made ethically questionable stock moves ahead of pending legislation that positively favored the businesses she’s interested in. She bought Tesla in 2020 ahead of the push for mandated electronic vehicles. She bought Google stock ahead of the announcement that the federal government wasn’t going to seeking breaking up big tech companies, Yahoo! Finance reported.

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Nancy Pelosi’s net worth is estimated at $114,000,000 despite her making $223,000 per year between 1999 and 2019.

Read the full story at Yahoo! Finance.

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