League City cops honored for life-saving deed

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On September 9, 2021, at approximately 4:57 p.m., LCPD officers Robert Porzillo and Tyler Martin were dispatched to an overdose in which a male consumed several OxyContin and was unresponsive and not breathing.

While officers were en route, League City Communications advised EMS was delayed due to traffic. Upon Officer Porzillo’s arrival, he made sure to bring Narcan since he knew the victim had overdosed on OxyContin. After announcing his presence at the front door, he heard a female calling from upstairs as she was attempting CPR on the victim. After being unable to find a pulse, Officer Porzillo administered one (4mg) dose of Narcan and then started providing lifesaving measures. Officer Porzillo gave the female directions to stand at the front door and direct the responding personnel to his location.

A short time later, Officer Martin arrived on the scene and took over chest compressions, and was able to detect a pulse. Officer Martin began a sternum rub while Officer Porzillo monitored the victim’s pulse, and they observed the victim starting to breathe and his color beginning to return to normal. Officers continued to monitor the victim while waiting for EMS.

After League City EMS arrived on the scene, they took over the medical response, and by this time, the victim was beginning to move his extremities. From the initial response to clearing the scene, Officers Porzillo and Martin were calm, composed, and deliberate in their actions. They showed great communication skills with each other, people in the house, and EMS. The quick actions of Officers Porzillo and Martin gave this victim a second chance at life, and they demonstrated their true commitment and devotion to service and are great ambassadors for the League City Police Department.

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