Capitol Police Veteran Charged With Obstructing Investigation Into Jan 6 Defendant

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A U.S. Capitol Police officer who has been with the department for over two decades is facing two counts of obstruction of justice for allegedly helping a Jan. 6 rioter avoid prosecution.

U.S. Capitol Police Officer Michael Angelo Riley allegedly friended the defendant on Facebook, named “Person 1” in the court documents, and told Person 1 to delete photos that showed him in the Capitol as the riot occurred.

The documents state that Riley and Person 1 did not know each other, “but both were avid fishermen and members of fishing-related Facebook groups.” Person 1’s Facebook profile, according to the indictment, showed “photographs, videos, and other commentary … admitting his presence and conduct inside the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.”

“I get it…it was a total shit show!!!” Riley added after Person 1 allegedly sent him more videos. “Just wanted to give you a heads up … Im glad you got out of there unscathed We had over 50 officers hurt, some pretty bad.”

“The only thing I can see is if you went in the building and they have proof you will be charged,” Riley said. “You could always articulate that you had no where to go, but thats for court.”

U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said the charges represent a “very serious allegation” in a statement Friday.

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“The Department was notified about this investigation several weeks ago,” Manger said. “Upon his arrest, the officer was placed on administrative leave pending the completion of the case. The USCP’s Office of Professional Responsibility will then open an administrative investigation.”

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