How Joe Biden’s America is one big Squid Game where the unvaccinated are slowly being eliminated from society

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If you are not vaccinated, you will be eliminated. Eliminated from participation in American society by a set of rules and regulations imposed by U.S. President Joe Biden and his underlings in the Democrat party who hold positions across America such as governors and mayors of large cities.

Unless you have been locked in a closet for the past few weeks, you’re probably familiar with the Netflix television show, Korean-produced Squid Game. In that show, desperate people in need of money compete in a game of life and death where losing the game means being eliminated.

Compliance is the only way to save yourself from being eliminated.

In America, President Joe Biden and Democrats are now playing a real-life Squid Game with the American public. Using COVID-19 as the backdrop of the game, Americans are being eliminated for making choices that are counter to the Democrat rules of the game.

This game involves vaccination as the motivator and elimination as the punishment.

In New York City, if you fail to get a COVID-19 vaccine, you will be eliminated from participating in everyday society. Your elimination involves being eliminated from indoor dining, indoor entertainment and indoor fitness. Under New York Mayor Bill De Blasio’s version of the Squid Game, anyone who is unvaccinated will be eliminated from virtually all forms of living, including their ability to earn income and have a job.

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom has announced children will be eliminated from the public school system if they don’t get vaccinated.

Biden is trying to convince businesses with over 100 employees to eliminate any worker who is unvaccinated, while no such legal authority exists currently for the President.

The city of Los Angeles has eliminated the unvaccinated from entering bars, restaurants, shopping malls, nail salons and hair salons.

The Department of Defense is on the verge of eliminating thousands of troops from its ranks who refuse to comply with the Biden vaccination order.

States like California, New York and New Jersey, Democrat strongholds have announced their plans to eliminate thousands of unvaccinated school teachers.

Joe Biden’s Squid Game of elimination includes eliminating Americans from air travel, employment and some Democrats, such as CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon have proposed eliminating unvaccinated Americans from basic human ‘rights such as healthcare, shopping and even leaving their homes.

The Biden Squid Game is now affecting federal employees such as Border Patrol agents who refuse to play by the President’s rules.

Like the Netflix series, Biden and the Democrat party’s Squid Game eliminates those who don’t follow the rules. For now, the eliminations include the forfeiture of basic human rights. Once those punishments prove to be ineffective, it’s hard to imagine where the party will go next.

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Just a few months ago, Biden promised Americans he would not impose a vaccination mandate. Now, his mandate is in full swing as corporations are lining up to implement the Biden Squid Game within their own companies.

There are a few exemptions to the Biden Squid game. Members of Congress and their staff have been exempted from Biden’s federal mandate and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised they would voluntarily enter the President’s Squid game, but so far, has not moved on any legislation to force Congressional workers into the game.

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