Phil Murphy says state workers back to work, but offices remain closed

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TRENTON, NJ -New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced that state workers would be returning to their posts on Monday, but according to Republican lawmakers, offices remain closed.

Legislative District 1 lawmakers expressed frustration with the Murphy Administration as many state facilities, including Motor Vehicle Commission and Department of Labor sites remain closed.

All state workers were expected to be back on the job this week, fully vaccinated or subject to weekly COVID testing, but the Governor backed off his original orders and delayed the return to work for many agencies.

“Closed state offices have become all too familiar, and the whole thing is exasperating,” said Senator Michael Testa. “The citizens of New Jersey deserve better. This clearly isn’t the ‘stronger and fairer’ picture that Murphy is painting.

“Students are in school. Restaurants, bars, and retailers are serving customers and conducting business. Unemployment offices shouldn’t be closed for even one more day. We have constituents who have been struggling with benefit claims for months and they deserve to speak face-to-face with trained workers who can help,” the Senator said.

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Murphy claimed Motor Vehicles and Labor facilities are open for business, but the LD1 legislators confirm that MVC sites are operating at limited capacities, and Labor & Workforce Development’s One-Stop Career Centers are open by appointment but will not work on any unemployment claim issues.

“Unemployment offices remain closed, and residents are at the mercy of the call centers that still don’t answer the phones,” said Assemblyman Erik Simonsen. “It is time for the Governor to stop stringing state residents along and provide immediate access to the crucial services they deserve. Murphy’s about-face this week is inexcusable. The public’s patience is wearing thin.”

“The Administration continues to ignore the needs of New Jersey families,” said Assemblyman Antwan McClellan. “Enough is enough. Murphy needs to take the steps necessary to open every single one of these vital facilities to ensure help is available here in South Jersey and across the entire state.”