Can Project Veritas “bombshell” announcement save Jack Ciattarelli’s flailing campaign?

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SOMERSET, NJ – The 2021 Gubernatorial campaign in New Jersey should have been an easy victory for Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli, but it’s not. Ciattarelli is still trailing New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in the polls, despite Murphy’s endless bad decisions that infuriate many in New Jersey.

UPDATED: Project Veritas releases video:

Murphy has done a lot to New Jersey since taking office. He’s turned the state into a sanctuary state. He has released violent criminals from prison who have since killed at least 5 more innocent people after their releases. Murphy oversaw the nation’s most draconic COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. He has called for the firing of public employees, police, and other workers who refuse to get vaccinated or get tested regularly. Under Murphy, New Jersey had the highest per capita COVID-19 death rate in the country but has since dropped to second place.

Murphy seems to be doing all the heavy lifting for his opponent Jack Ciattarelli as his campaign focused instead on issues such as the 2017 rape allegation against one of Murphy’s staffers and he hasn’t been too hard on his opponent, hitting him where it hurts.

In a nutshell, Ciattarelli’s campaign against Murphy has been too nice. Had Ciattarelli attacked Murphy the way he attacked his GOP primary opponent Hirsh Singh, he might even be ahead in polls, but he hasn’t. So, he’s not.

This weekend, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas dropped an announcement about a ‘bombshell’ announcement to be made Monday night at 8 pm.

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The nature of that announcement is unknown, but one thing is clear, O’keefe has somebody within the Murphy political campaign on video saying something damning about the Governor’s 2021 election campaign.

Depending upon what it is, it could be Project Veritas that comes to the rescue for New Jersey to save Jack Ciattarelli from imminent defeat next Tuesday.

“BOMBSHELL hidden camera footage from within New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s re-election campaign. Monday night 8PM,” O’Keefe posted to Instagram on Thursday.

Ciattarelli’s campaign has not yet acknowledged O’Keefe’s announcement.

Ciattarelli has an uphill battle in a state where Democrat voters outnumber Republicans and even independent voters. Murphy and the Democrat party have been pushing a massive vote-by-mail registration effort in the past few weeks, registering tens of thousands of new Democrat voters over the past three months. Murphy has also been pushing the early voting system which launched this week, giving voters ten additional days at the polls.

By contrast, the Ciattarelli administration has not been pushing vote by mail or early voting. Ciattarelli could also be hindered by a statement by former President Donald J. Trump telling voters to completely boycott the 2021 elections. When you mix that with the former President’s distrust of the vote by mail method, it could lead to more problems for Ciattarelli.

Another thorn in Ciattarelli’s side is that many diehard Trump supporters have vowed to sit the state election out after Ciattarelli’s repeated bashing of Trump.

It appears that nine days before next Tuesday’s election, the only thing that can save Ciattarelli now is an absolutely devastating bombshell video release from O’Keefe and Project Veritas. In the end, it could be O’Keefe and not Ciattarelli who ultimately defeats the political machine of Phil Murphy and the Democrats.

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