Monmouth cops attend first-ever crisis intervention training seminar

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Acting Prosecutor Lori Linskey and Acting Chief of Detectives John McCabe were honored to welcome approximately 30 now-classmates to the second round of Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training here in Freehold this morning.

Coming on the heels of MCPO’s first-ever CIT class, held in June, this intensive five-day interactive training provides officers with an in-depth look at issues including but not limited to mental illness, behavioral health, and developmental disabilities, as well as their implications for police response during a crisis. CIT Training is based on an innovative, international model with community mental healthcare and advocacy partnerships.

This week’s training is being coordinated by Anna Kline of Preferred Behavioral Health Group; instructors include behavioral and mental health professionals from Monmouth Medical Center, the Monmouth County Mental Health Association, the Monmouth County Mental Health Board, and CPC Behavioral Healthcare, as well as law enforcement crisis resolution experts.

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