Governor Murphy has given undocumented workers $40 million and wants to give even more after he’s reelected, report

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She’s back. An advisor for Governor Phil Murphy, paid $60,000 by his campaign had more revealing claims against the governor in another video dropped today by Project Veritas. On Monday, Wendy Martinez was the focus of another video by the conservative investigators at Project Veritas.

In the new video, Martinez is shown saying that Governor Murphy has allocated $40 million in aid to illegal immigrants, but hasn’t told anyone about it yet.

“I think it’s 40 million dollars [being allocated to illegal immigrants], something like that — and to designate that at this point would be political suicide,” Martinez told the undercover Project Veritas operative. “Excluded workers.”

Back in May, Murphy allocated $40 million in public funds to illegal aliens who were not eligible for federal COVID-19 relief and Martinez says he wants to give more, but he can’t. At least not until he’s reelected. At that time, Murphy hinted that a second round of funding is possible in the future.

When asked if it would be suicide for him to let the public know about the money, Martinez said, “If he does it right now. We just need to get him elected first.”

We tried to reach out to Martinez, but she has since either deleted all of her social media accounts or made them private.

When asked by the Project Veritas operative, Matthew Urquijo, of the progressive NJ Forward PAC said there definitely will be more aid to illegal aliens living in New Jersey in Murphy’s second term.

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“And the goal is to win even more seats in the legislature so we can like, just push, push through,” Urquijo said.

“Governor Murphy and his team can not win re-election if they tell voters what they actually believe,” O’Keefe said.”Voters have to know what they believe.”

O’Keefe eluded that there will be more videos from his group in the near future.