Monmouth Democrat Vin Gopal gets ballot boost after trailing opponent on Election Day

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New Jersey Democrat Senator Vin Gopal on a recent visit to Lakewod Township.

FREEHOLD, NJ – Long after midnight on Election Day, Monmouth County Democrat Senator Vin Gopal was trailing his opponent by 500 votes.

Gopal, who wields much power within both the Democrat and Republican parties in New Jersey is danger was close to losing his bid for re-election to Republican challenger Lori Annetta. Annetta leads Gopal with 95% of votes tallied 31,754 to 31,264.

The next day, Gopal took a 2,00 vote lead. 1424 3,991

In a post-election vote dump, 5,415 new ballots were counted. 3,991 of those votes went to Gopal. 1,424 went to Annetta a 73% margin in a race that was nearly 50/50 until those extra ballots were counted.

Gopal, many feel is being groomed by the party to run for Governor in 2025, but he has to get through Election Day 2021 to get there.

Last year, Gopal was hired by Toms River Mayor Mo Hill to serve as the Republican majority town’s communications public information officer.

Now, the race will be determined by late mail-in ballots and provisional ballots.